Duplication Vs Replication

What is CD Replication or DVD Replication?

Typically we use replication process when your order exceeds 1000 pieces or you’re not in a rush. Replicated discs are stamped from a glass master. Once we receive your master disc we create a glass master. The glass master is used as a mold to create an exact replica of your master disc. The metalized glass master will be placed in an injection-molding disc maker. The process involves injecting melted medical grade plastic onto the master mold to form the disc. The disc is clear; we then apply a thin layer of metal to provide the reflectivity needed for CD and DVD players to read. The metal layer is coated with lacquer and UV cured for protection. The disc is now replicated and playable. The disc face will now be printed and packaged to meet your needs. Advantage of replication is price. It is much cheaper to replicate a large quantity of discs. Typical turn time is about 7 days.

What is CD Duplication or DVD Duplication?

We duplicate your discs when you need them in small quantities of up to 1000 pieces. On occasion we meet client needs for 2000-3000 using duplication because they need them in a day or two. We duplicate your disc directly from your supplied master, img or iso file. Each duplication will exactly match the information you wrote to the disc. We place your master in one of our Rimage disc burning and printing systems. Each disc is burned and printed one at a time onto a preformed disk. The thermal print on your CD DVD is the best quality print on the market today. We use only top quality TDK media to ensure playability. The quality of the print on our duplicated discs is far superior to ink jet. We are capable of duplicating over 3000 disks per day. Advantage duplication is speed and low cost on short quantities. Most orders ship with 24-48 hours of receipt of your master.

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