DVD+R DL Dual Layer Duplicaiton

DVD+R DL dual layer DVD duplication is allowing longer digital video and data to be duplicated! Dual layer DVD (DVD+R9) technology first came about in 2003, it than was released in 2004.

What makes a dual layer DVD duplication different? Well, with single layer discs, you’re limited to 4.7 gigs. With dual layered discs, you can duplicate up to 8.5 gigs. What is really cool is the disc is the same thickness, and you also can print on full color on one side. You double the capacity of the DVD disc with dual layer technology

A little duplication confusion from time-to-time causes customers to ask “which version right for me +R (plus), or –R (dash)?” With dual layer DVD the +R (plus) format is the more popular version, whereas with single layer DVD, the –R (dash) format is the more popular version.

Given that the dual layer recording layers are not obviously continuous , there sometimes can be a tiny delay when you transition from the first DVD layer to the second DVD layer. This tiny pause is completely normal and does not mean that the disc is not working. The laser that reads and writes the data will actually focus on the different layers and that is what causes the delay. Most packaging will explain this upfront, but it is so fast you most always never see it.

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